Thursday, April 9, 2015

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  • in the silence one notion remained ... " I am, as always, intrigued by the bodily resonance I experience when encountering random, seemingly unpredictable lines in contrast to my relative indifference to deliberate lines.
  • Some investigations into current surface pattern design, various textile design offerings in fabric shops and interior design collections leaves me wanting ... wanting for a different kind of applied pattern that resonates rather than just decorates, that leaves me to explore a pattern, ponder it , rather than just bare its nature in a predictable manner.
  •  Knowing not much about the ins and outs of designing fabrics, with their repeats and predictable trajectories , I am setting out to learn more. Perhaps understand first what is currently a methodology for creating repeatable patterns to hopefully arrive and an experience of playing with line and line resonance for myself ..
  • Onto some sketchbook explorations |||||||

Tessalations - Tessalating Shapes in Fabric Design .. 

Terminology in Textile and Surface Design
Dots ||| Stripes ||| Grids ||| 

Playing with the Building Blocks of foreground and Background Patterns
the idea of story and conversation between design elements

||| Part ||| Whole ||| Conversation ||| Communication

An interesting approach by Surface Designer J. Frye on visual confirmation of harmony and communication between patterns in a design collection when applied to aprons in varies percentages and applied pattern numbers

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